Exploring Mindset – a life changing trip. This is where my ambitions became reality, it gave me a fresh perspective, it gave me freedom, it gave me belief and a team which backed me from the start, when in all honesty I was quite lost. A variety of workshops run by leaders of a generation Emily Penn and Dave Cornthwaite develop the skills necessary to achieve goals. All the trips are remote and thus allowing a broader sense of what is important to us. The team became incredibly close in a very short time, I’ve never had a more rewarding week.

Project Awesome – a positive FREE fitness movement which has its roots in London when Danny Bent started making fitness FUN. His brightly energetic, hugging and motivational workouts are all about welcoming people of all fitness levels. As well as getting fit, strong and appreciating the city, the community has grown to become a constant source of new friends and inspiration. Danny attracts a certain type of person, one willing to workout at 6:30AM, one who is free to be themselves, as wild or individual as you like; through this a platform and new found confidence for so many to pursue their passions.

YesTribe – the absolute epitome of the people I want to have around me, casually but gradually changing the world and I’m forever grateful to have these friends, an integral part of my team. I have already achieved more than I thought possible with the ‘SayYesMore’ attitude and am excited to see where this takes me in the future. The positivity is infectious and support to go after your passions makes anything possible.

Midnight Runners – beginning life in January 2015 as a monthly midnight run, this team now have 10Km Tuesday evening runs along London’s River Thames, 10Km and marathon training on Sunday mornings to go with their ever growing community. The runs are powered by energetic leaders with their music speakers. My highlight with this crew was in November 2015, taking part in a ‘Midnight2Midnight’ 24 hour relay to fundraise for Syrian refugees.

Adventure Army – essentially these people just want to have microadventures together, normally involving some camping/bivvying and hatching plans for future adventures, my RideTheWorld leaving date was decided upon on an Adventure Army campout! Originally brought about by Anna McNuff and her desire to explore London’s home counties, a group grew and grew is now off here, there and everywhere.

I Bike LDN – this is the most fun you can have in London on two wheels, this is the team which first showed me the way to enjoying life on a bicycle in London. Their themed monthly, leisurely mass rides bring a brilliant group of people together who explore London with a mobile disco. Led by Anthony, who founded award winning Cyclehoop a cycle parking infrastructure company aimed at bike security after his bike was stolen.

Uganda International Marathon (class of ’15) – of my 15 marathons in 2015 this was my highlight, it was so much more than a race. We were based in a festival like campsite upon a hill, this is where friendships were born. The camaraderie grew as we visited local projects which the marathon supports and getting involved with sports with the local community in Uganda. Running the marathon with new, yet close friends is close to my heart, we all helped each other that day. Many of the team which was built up so quickly are still in contact with regular meets at Parkrun and other events.

LifeYears – this is a community I have started, inspired by the experiences I had of running 15 marathons in 2015 I decided it be a lifelong project to take on something new by the number that particular year denotes. I wanted to share and give a similar experience to to others, so I’ve have opened up LifeYears to everyone. It is a supportive community with people taking on wild swimming, campouts, visiting cities, running 10K and photo projects 16 times in 2016.