In January 2015 I set about forging a new direction in my life, I wasn’t sure where the journey was gonna take me, I still haven’t really figured that part out, but for me that’s the most exciting part.

I am setting out to live to my life by my passions, things which make me tick, putting a smile on my face, and others! What are those passions you ask? Primarily adventure and sport, through a combination of these I plan to live a purposeful life. When I’m old, grey and can barely walk I wanna look back and say, YES! You did something great with your time on this beautiful planet earth.

In 2015, I ran 15 marathons, raising over £5,000 for Macmillan Cancer Support. To discover why and how that helped me ‘Turn a negative into a POSITIVE’ read here. Alongside the marathons I organised the ‘London ‘FUN-RUN’ Series’, which were a series of themed, sociable running events aimed at making distance running fun and accessible to all abilities. I got my first taste of cycle-touring by cycling the length of Britain, Lands End to John o’ Groats, solo and unsupported. As a result of the marathons I founded my lifelong project #LifeYears, I simply want to make every single year of my life memorable and unique.

In 2016, I will begin a multi year round the world cycling adventure, #RideTheWorld. I hope to immerse myself in different cultures and live as many experiences as possible, with my ultimate dream being having options around the world with how to live my life fulfilled. My #LifeYears for 2016 is to cycle 100 miles in a day, 16 times – #16in16.

Those years before 2015 don’t make for much of a read but breifly, I was born, I learnt to walk, I went to school. I got an engineering apprenticeship with London Underground when I was 16, with that money I found a passion for travel and exploration, oh and going to watch Manchester United (don’t judge!) In my early twenties was on the verge of settling down into ‘normal’ life, well the way society tells us anyway!