Many Graphic designers find it difficult to reconcile an effective banner design to the demand of the banner advertisement.

There is a lot of nitty-gritty to understanding how banner advertising works. More so, before embarking on creating banner advertisements, you need to have a well-drafted soccer team banner ideas.

Tips for Effective Banner Design

With the right soccer banner idea, you will obtain more value from your banner design process. You will also learn a strategy that will help you to create the perfect team soccer banner. Here are benefits of an effective banner design and banner advertisement.

Benefits of Banner Advertising

Many organization multinationals and startups have employed the use of banner advertising to pass vital information to their consumers out there. They appreciate the importance of effective banner advertising and so will pay heavily to get it done.

Also, a well-crafted banner can promote brand awareness; they are less expensive, long-lasting, and shoot up sales which in turn drives profit for those who employ them.

Now that we know a few benefits of banner advertising, please permit me to walk you through these tips for effective banner design and banner advertising.

Tips for Effective Banner Design

Getting the most effective banner sizes

You will come across a lot of banner sizes during your design process. Your ability to discern which of the sizes will suit your advert is critical. However, some measures are more popular than others.

The size that eventually works will be both appreciated by the advertisers and the audience at large if the message is sent across.

Use of frames in banner design

Put yourself in the shoes of your potential client or probably your audience, who will eventually view your banner. Will they want to see what is inside your banner on what your banner was lined with?

People often want to see what lies within your banner and barely notice the frames around them. But in rendering a perfect banner design, the edges enable to bring out the big picture of the plan set in motion for the soccer banner.

Is your banner text readable?

There are only two types of banner texts: a good banner text and lousy banner text. The text on your banner becomes good when they are readable by your audience.

Those reading your text should understand why the banner was made in the first place. They need to understand the message the reader is passing across and, of course, make a mental picture of what they have seen.

Try out animation banner advertising

Out of every hundred persons that view a banner today, ninety percent of them remember what they saw seconds later because of the looping effect of animations.

We understand that the traditional sticker banner advertising passes its message, but the advent of animation advertising has proven beyond doubt that they are better advertising platforms.

They are, however, more expensive but tend to return that expense a hundredfold when employed. When they are displayed, ensure to set the loop at a maximum of three and not later than ten seconds for each view.

Choose the right colors for your team soccer banners

The importance of colors as the backbone of any banner advertising cannot be over flogged.

Unless you don’t want your banner to appeal to your audience, do not attend to the colors for your banner. The color of your flag draws out the passion of your viewers. They are the first element that meets the eye and sends the message you want to convey.

Getting the right color for your banner sets the right mood for which the banner is placed. When people look at the flag with the right color, the spirit of that banner should affect them. Understanding the type of audience you have also helped determine the correct dosage of paint to get.

Choose the right banner size and focal point

This is an essential factor in banner design. You have to get the correct file size not to waste banner material or consume unnecessary space.

The goal is to ensure that the keywords are visible enough for your audience to view..this is where the focal point comes to play. You do not need so many characters in your banner once you have acquired the perfect image; design the catchphrase that will glue your audience to the flag and make them grab the message at a glance.

Make your banner advertisement design simple

It’s either your design is simple and easy to understand or it is ambiguous and difficult to understand.

Some advertisements can come with just images, but the underlying message is passed without a single text! The main aim is to render your banner understandable and straightforward.


The technique of achieving a perfect banner design and banner advertisement is as lengthy as the process itself. One could be very careful in designing as any mistake can send the wrong message to the viewers.

However, armed with the above tips will give you a better insight and understanding to designing the perfect team soccer banner.