If I had a pound, a dollar, a shilling for every time someone asked me ‘are you running 16 marathons in 2016?’, I would have smashed my fundraising target a long time ago. If you are one of the few who haven’t asked, I’m telling you in no uncertain terms no, I will not be running 16 marathons in 2016. It’s been great to have the support and engage in conversation about my challenge, although more often than not I’m interested in getting to know who you are! I have to thank you for asking that #16in16 question over and over, for it has inspired me to create #lifeyears.

I recall it was around April, my #15in15 challenge still in its early days, I looked ahead at what might be of next year, 2016, will I just return to a regular way of life and look back on 2015 as THAT year I ran 15 marathons OR did I want to make every one of my #lifeyears special, unique, interesting? Put yourself in my running shoes, that should be an easy enough question for you to answer.


What you are now about to read is me giving my word to a lifelong commitment, I’m not getting married, nor having a child (didn’t plan to write that, but, just writing the words ‘lifelong commitment’, has sprung those two commitments into my mind – scary stuff).

As #15in15 has now become #16in16, that will become #17in17, #18in18 and so on FOREVER.

This project is called #LIFEYEARS

I’ve had an amazing experience undertaking #15in15 so far, hopefully there’s more to come with my final five marathons. I want to give this unrivalled joy to EVERYONE; the friendships you will make, the challenge it creates, the determination you didn’t know you have, that satisfaction of pushing yourself to the limits – even if you break sometimes – you will have come further than if there was no challenge in the first place!

I want to grow a #LIFEYEARS community, which in my eyes is ‘A supportive community of achievers challenging their personal physical, mental & social limits. Making every #LIFEYEARS memorable’.

So, what’s your #16in16??

This has to challenge you, it has to be something you’ve never done before, certainly not in the past few years. Maybe you really want to get better at that really cool thing. Maybe you have a long term, life time goal this could be one of many steps needed to climb the ladder to your dreams.

Here’s a few ideas:

  • Choose a running distance which challenges you, be honest. It doesn’t have to be an official race!
  • Never run before? #16in16 5Kms is achievable!
  • Choose a cycling distance which challenges you, again be honest!
  • Try #16in16 new sports!
  • Camp #16in16
  • Hike #16in16
  • Explore your county, state, province etc.
  • Visit #16in16 new towns, cities even countries!
  • Try #16in16 sports clubs or be a local hero and attend one at least #16in16 times
  • Master that back flip, snow sports or surf trick
  • Hone your skill, open it up to others

These are just a few to get you thinking, pick one, develop it, personalise it, make it YOUR #LIFEYEARS

You’re never too young, nor too old to start your #LIFEYEARS

As it stands, I see the community connecting through

I would encourage you to write blogs on your progress and share it via these mediums, share ideas, share inspiration, become friends and let the good times roll or run or cycle into making your #LIFEYEARS memorable!

Of course, I’m not stopping anyone going for a marathon challenge #16in16? 😉



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